Colon & Rectum Services

We at GreeneStone Clinic re pleased to announce our conveniently located endoscopic and anorectal surgical and screening services at our two Toronto clinics 5734 Yonge St., Suite 300 and 807 Broadview Avenue. We value customer service and try to accommodate schedules as best as we can to reduce your wait time. Patients must be referred by their family physician. The services we provide are covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). Patients without OHIP coverage are charged the fees set by the Ontario Medical Association.

The GreeneStone Clinic is an out-patient clinic for diseases of the colon and rectum, colon cancer prevention and related treatments for hemorrhoids, fissures, fistula-in-ano, pilonidal sinus and anusitis. We also investigate and treat Irritable Colon and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome.


Colonoscopy: We prevent colon cancer through early detection. By removing benign, pre-cancerous polyps from the lining of the colon (large intestine), cancer can be prevented and early stage cancers can be completely cured.

Gastroscopy (EGD): We perform this routine procedure to examine the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Cancer and other diseases of the stomach and esophagus can be detected through this test.

Relieve Pain: We strive to relieve the discomfort and distress for hemorrhoids, fissures, fistula, gas, bleeding, hematoma, pain, and many other common problems that people need not endure. These procedures are all done in our clinics, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of hospitals.

We strongly recommend a screening colonoscopy to check for colon cancer and to treat colon polyps in order to reduce the potential for cancer.